Saturday, May 24, 2014

How To Get Free Amazon Gift Card Codes

Experienced websurfers will all tell you, there are certain ways to go about getting free amazon gift card codes. As long as you search carefully, you will find sites out there that give out these codes. How can they do that? Their promoters and advertisers give them a few working codes daily, weekly or monthly. In return, they advertise those promoters on their website.

Some of these sites require you to go through a generator to create a code or do an extra added task (such as a survey) in order to download a file/program that creates the code for you. While there are a lot of fakester sites out there, I've found that there are a few that work as long as you get in early (since they have a limited amount) if you want to get an Amazon gift card code.

By getting a free amazon gift card code, you will be able to purchase any of the millions of available products on . These codes come free with no strings attached.

2 Ways To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

There are two very legitimate ways to get FREE Amazon gift cards. I'll explain them below:

1. Get an Amazon credit card. When you use your Amazon credit card on Amazon (it can be used anywhere else just like any other Visa credit card) you get extra points that you can use towards your purchase like a gift card would, or you can use to buy a gift card to send to a family member or close friend.

2. Join the Amazon Affiliates program. Do you have a website that you run where you're an expert on the topic you discuss? Why not monetize it with the Amazon Affiliate program. Whenever a reader of yours clicks on a link you recommend and purchases from Amazon, you get a small commission on the purchase. Actually, whatever that user purchases withing 24hrs of clicking your link you will get a small commission from. Remember, Amazon spends millions on testing and implementing effective advertising to keep users on their site buying more than what they originally came there for. That means more commissions for you! You can have your commissions paid out to you in the form of an Amazon gift card or by check/direct deposit (depending on what country you live in)

So there you have two very legitimate ways to get free amazon gift cards.

Amazon is the #1 Online Retailer Around

If you haven't heard, Amazon is the hugest online retailer around. Not only do they carry millions of items, but they offer some of the best prices around and with their Amazon Prime service, you can grab what you want and have it to your doorstep in two days, FREE.

Amazon first started as an online bookstore, but then diversified their wares and started selling many other things such as electronics, furniture, food, apparel and toys. They now also have a streaming subscription service that is very comparable if not better than Netflix. It truly is a consumer's safe haven. Their customer service and return handling is second to none.

They have over 21 fulfillment centers around the globe and serve more than 7 countries. They literally cover everywhere around the world.

Not only can you buy things on Amazon, you can also sell your items in the same sense that you can on eBay except without the option to use an auction/bid platform. This just adds even more to Amazon's versatility as an e-commerce store.

Amazon Prime is one of it's main features that keep buyers such as myself coming back all the time. 2 day shipping that is usually dead on is something to consider when buying from an online retailer. Amazon never fails here. Prime comes at a yearly fee and is well worth the price. You can also just spend over $35 on your purchase and get free 2-5 day shipping.

Amazon returns are probably just as great as the Prime option. Don't like it? Return it free. Doesn't fit or not what you expected? Return it free. In my experience, this is no questions asked hassle free. You rarely see that with other sites that want you to pay for return shipping and sometimes even a restocking free.

Amazon will be around for a long time. They aren't going anywhere soon and everyday they seem to be growing more and more. If you haven't yet, check it out. But watch out! There are so many things on their site you may go over your budget quickly ;)